1. It is the Captain's responsibility to ensure that all team members are aware of all Race, Traffic, and Safety rules and Route details. Also it is the Captain's responsibility to notify all racers that sign in is required at the beginning of their stage to avoid time penalties. See#8.
  2. Runners must wear their assigned competition number on the front. The number must be visible at all times.
  3. Support personnel must wear a reflective vest. One or two vests will be provided for each team. Teams are encouraged to bring their own reflective vests, if possible. Vests can be supplied for a $20/vest deposit, to ensure their return or replacement. Each team must have a minimum of one vest.
  4. Competition numbers are not transferable. Competitor's numbers must correspond to the stage they are running except in the case of substitutions.
  5. Competitors must run on the left side of the road facing the oncoming traffic unless directed to do otherwise.
  6. Each runner is expected to be familiar with his stage.  Stage 7 includes a mountain trail where there is a possibility of taking a wrong turn. Stage 7 runners are to attend the mandatory Team Captains meeting for specific route information.
  7. Bears may be encountered on the roadway, especially near the end of Stage 3 and beginning of Stage 4. Support crews must keep their runner in sight at all times.
  8. At each exchange, the runner starting the next leg must sign in with the race official in charge of registration before starting the leg. If you are in over 8 team and the stage is being split, both runners must sign in. If runners fail to sign in there will be a 5 minute time penalty added to the team's overall time.
  9. A runner not completing a leg may not run again in the race. A runner substituting for another may run his/her later leg. The names and competition numbers and reason(s) for substitution of the runners involved in the substitution must be reported to the registration official at the next exchange.
  10. Each team should consist of eight (8) runners, but may have a minimum of four (4) runners.
  11. Mixed teams must have at least THREE stages run AND COMPLETED by female runners.
  12. Runners MUST NOT wear headsets as it impairs their ability to hear traffic or warnings.
  13. Runners and volunteers will not be refunded the $20.00 deposit for safety vests not returned at the end of the race.
  14. No bicycles to accompany runners due to traffic hazards.

Barkerville Rush Relay Traffic Rules

Cautious and courteous driving is essential to the safe and orderly conduct of the race.  To alleviate traffic problems please try to have only two vehicles per team to reduce congestion on the course route.  Runners and other pedestrians must watch out for vehicular traffic at all times.  Be especially careful when crossing the highway whether to assist your runner or at the exchanges.

Vehicles may park on the right side only, where it is safe and permitted to do so. Parking is not permitted on the left side of the road, or on the marked areas directly opposite the hand off point at each exchange.

  1. Throughout the relay, team support vehicles must not stop to assist runners unless there is designated parking or room to pull off the road. Support persons must wear high-visibility safety vests when crossing the road.
  2. Cutting corners on the course is strictly prohibited. Teams violating this rule will be disqualified, without exception or appeal.
  3. Obey all signs and instructions from traffic control personnel en route. Be extremely cautious around exchanges; watch carefully for runners, pedestrians, and other vehicles.
  4. Obey all liquor laws. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the course.
  5. For safety, please limit number of vehicles at Transition Areas.

RCMP will enforce all Traffic and Liquor Regulations. They will issue warnings and tickets and will report infractions to the race referee. Names of teams will be recorded and may not be permitted to participate in future races.

Race Rules

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