ThumbLeg1Stage 1 - Hwy 97 to Blueridge Rd 8.5 Km

The race starts at the junction of Hwys 26 and 97. An initial moderate climb for 1.4 km is followed by a gentle undulating rise to a steep climb from 3.3 to 4.7 km. There is then a short steep downhill before a final climb to 6 km followed by an easy 2.5 km stretch to the exchange station at Blueridge Road.

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ThumbLeg2Stage 2 - Blueridge Rd to Cottonwood House 17.1 Km

A short gradual downhill warms you up for the steep long climb ahead. Undulating terrain follows to 11 km then you cruise down a long hill to the Cottonwood River. The final 3 km are level, finishing at the Cottonwood House Historic Site.

ThumbLeg3Stage 3 - Cottonwood House to Blessing's Grave 17.4 Km

Gently rising winding roads bring you to the steep Mexican Hill at 6 km. An undulating climb for 4 more km brings you to a steep hill down to Lightning Creek. The road then winds and rises gently, passing Robber's Roost and straight to the transition at Blessing's Grave.

ThumbLeg4aStage 4 - Blessing's Grave to Stanley Cemetery 17.1 Km

A very gentle rise to the Troll Ski Hill and then the valley broadens to Beaver Pass. A sustained gentle rise finally brings you to the turn-off of the gravel road to the site of the former mining town of Stanley. The last remnants of this town will be found at the cemetery, near the runner exchange station.

ThumbLeg5aStage 5 - Stanley Cemetery to Jack of Clubs Lake 12.5 Km

A slight downhill to the old townsite and then you are climbing back to the blacktop of Highway 26. Continued gradual elevation gain brings you to the top of Devil's Canyon and a steep downhill segment followed by gentler hills to the exchange station at Jack of Clubs Lake.

ThumbLeg6aStage 6 - Jack of Clubs Lake to Barkerville 9.4 Km

A generally level course along the lake and skirting the old town of Wells, past the marshes of Williams Creek and the Provincial Campgrounds, bringing you to the Historic Gold Rush Town of Barkerville.

***NEW 2014***
Group start at Jack of Clubs Lake at 1:00 pm for all remaining runners

ThumbLeg7aStage 7 - Barkerville to Summit Rock & Back 10.0 Km

This leg is for the masochist on the team. The gravel streets of Barkerville narrow to a path gently rising to the courthouse at Richfield. Then a steep, steep climb to Summit Rock and beyond to the turnaround at the hut. You are almost guaranteed to encounter snow. You finish where you began.

ThumbLeg8aStage 8 - Barkerville to Wells old town centre 8.0 Km

An easy leg to finish up the race. This leg retraces much of leg 6 but turns into Wells at the west entrance and concludes in front of the town hall.

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